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TESCO Feed Quality Audit Result August 9, 2023

Our Saxlingham Feed Mill was audited by TESCO this week. They regularly carry out extensive and wide ranging feed mill audits. They are checking for compliance in areas such as […]

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Duffield customer wins Supreme Champion prize

LF Papworth of Felmingham Norfolk,a long established Duffields beef feed customer, has won the Supreme Championship at the annual Norfolk Carcase Show and Sale. The five classes were judged by Adrian Crowe of MLC Services.

The Supreme Champion in the show was a 16 month old Limousin x Heifer weighing 282kg.

The beast was described by Mr Crowe as being “The perfect butchers beast, great profile,good width across the rump and forequarter with a nice covering of fat”. It was later sold for 625p/kg

The beast had been fed on compound beef feeds supplied by WL Duffields.

Top Jersey Herd-A long established Customer

The Upgate Herd of pedigree Jersey Cows was founded by Frank and Su Mahon in 1965. It is located on the old WW2 American Airfield at Seething Norfolk.

The herd was the first to use Canadian Jersey genetics in the UK and now also the uses genetics from the USA and Denmark.

For the past decade the herd has been one of the top herds in the country.

Yields average 7376L per cow with 670kg of fat and protein during the 2007/2008 NMR recording year making it the 3rd best perfoming Jersey herd in the UK.

The Mahons have fed Duffields feeds for ‘more years than they can remember’, according to Su, and put their success down in part to the high quality MAXI GOLD Dairy Pencils which are used.

Duffields dairy and youngstock feeds in action

Mr Clarence Potter with his son Michael and family run a highly productive dairy farm in the South Norfolk area.

The 185 cows plus followers are fed on rations formulated by Duffields Ultramix Programme. Duffields Dairy, Rearing and Calf Feeds are fed to balance available forages and moist feeds.
Currently Maxigold 21 is fed through the parlour. The outside ration consists of grass and maize silage,brewers grains,rape-soya mix and protected fat.
The cows perfom well with the herd averaging over 32 litres per cow per day at 4.2% butterfat. This is particularly good given the herd calves all year around.
Overall concentrate feed rates average only 0.26kg per litre.

The dairy heifers are fed on straw plus Duffields High Merit Heifer Pencils. The heifers achieve the correct type and rate of growth needed to fulfill their genetic potential.
Michael says that he finds Duffields a reliable and trustworthy supplier and has full confidence in the feeds.