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Phase Two of the Yeovil Site Expansion Project December 3, 2019

Phase two of the Yeovil site expansion project is now well underway. After some delays with the groundworks, the steel work was delivered and erected in a matter of days, […]

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Turkey Feeds

Duffields turkey feeds are designed to meet the requirements of TFTA (Traditional Farm Fresh Turkey Association) turkey producers. The goal is to produce a quality bird with a sturdy skeleton and excellent finish and taste.

Duffields also are supporters of the ATA (Anglia Turkey Association)

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TFF Turkey Feed Range


Code Diet
1120 Turkey Starter micros +ACS 0-28 days(b)
1244 Turkey Rearer 1 Pellet + ACS 29 to 55/83 days (B)
1255 Turkey Rearer 2 Pellets + ACS 56 to 83 days
1256 Turkey Top Weight Finisher 1 Pellet 84 to kill(B)
1257 Turkey Top Weight Finisher 2 Pellets 84 to kill
1258 Special Finisher Pellets 84 to kill
1128 Early Turkey Finisher Pellets 84 to kill

(B) = Bag Stock Item


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