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TESCO Feed Quality Audit Result August 9, 2023

Our Saxlingham Feed Mill was audited by TESCO this week. They regularly carry out extensive and wide ranging feed mill audits. They are checking for compliance in areas such as […]

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Layers Feeds

Duffields feed mill is LION EGG APPROVED and as such can prduce a top quality range of layers diets. A superb quality grist is achieved for the range which can cater for intensive, free range and barn egg systems. Pelleted product is also available for small holding producers.

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    Optilay Layers Feeds

    The Optilay range caters for birds throughout thier production phases.

    Select from Optilay Starter Mash,Optilay1,2,3& 4 Mash.

    Energy protein and methionine levels are carefully selected  to ensure excellent egg numbers,weight and shell quality whilst maintaining hen body weights.

    The use of either natural or synthetic yolk pigmenters is available

    Products are available in mash form.

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    Feeds for the Smallholder

    Duffields have a range of products specifically for the Smallholding producer available in bags.

    These are available to the public via our network of feed stockists and retailers

    Please find your closest supplier at our ‘find a stockist’ tab


    Chickens Choice Layers Pellets/Meal 20KG

    A top quality general purpose layers diet with top quality raw materials, fully supplemented with vitamins and minerals. The diet is ideal for flocks kept by smallholder producers, which often have a wide range of age and hen breeds/types.

    Super Lay 16 Pellets

    A 16 % protein layers feed fully supplemented with vitamins and minerals. Especially suited for older or ex battery birds

    20kg CLEANED  ASSURED Bagged Mixed Corn

    Containing Assured British Wheat with cut maize and vegetable oil


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    Layers Concentrates

    For home mixers we produce layers concentrates.

    Bespoke diets are available if required.

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    Unique Diets

    Can’t find the exact product line that you need?

    If you need a unique diet, then please contact us and we will be happy to discuss producing this for you.

    Enquire about Unique Diets