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TESCO Feed Quality Audit Result August 9, 2023

Our Saxlingham Feed Mill was audited by TESCO this week. They regularly carry out extensive and wide ranging feed mill audits. They are checking for compliance in areas such as […]

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Pig Feeds

Duffields produce a full range of pig feeds to suit both indoor and outdoor systems. The diets are produced with quality raw materials and to the latest quality assurance requirements.

  • Pig Feeds

    Grower Feeds

    Grower feeds take the pig from around 10kg to 30kg live weight.

    Select from a range diets with different levels of protein, lysine an energy levels to optimise performance relative to genotype.

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  • Pig Feeds

    Sow Feeds

    Available in a range of protein and energy levels. All have high levels of vitamins and minerals to maximise milk quality, conception rates, numbers born and sow longevity.

    The diets are available as pencils, pellets or rolls. A choice of one or two stage sow feeding programmes are available.

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  • Pig Feeds

    Finisher Feeds

    Finisher feeds take the pig from 30kg up 100kg. The key here is to achieve maximum growth with correct probes to meet final market requirements.

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  • Pig Feeds

    Creep and Link Diets

    Hi Perform creep and Speedilink take the pig up to 10kg prior to grower and finisher diets.

    All weaning ages are catered for with a choice of protein, lysine and energy levels.

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  • Pig Feeds

    Pig Concentrates

    For home mixers, Duffields produce sow, grower and finisher concentrates for mixing with cereals and other straight.

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  • Pig Feeds

    Unique Diets

    Can’t find the exact product line that you need?

    If you need a unique diet, then please contact us and we will be happy to discuss producing this for you.

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