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TESCO Feed Quality Audit Result August 9, 2023

Our Saxlingham Feed Mill was audited by TESCO this week. They regularly carry out extensive and wide ranging feed mill audits. They are checking for compliance in areas such as […]

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Dairy Cattle Feeds

Duffields produce a range of quality dairy feeds to match all feeding systems. The feeds are formulated from top quality raw materials to suit all forages,breeds and preformance levels. This is coulpled with a forage analysis service and Ultramix FIM rationing programme to help produce the optimum feeding solution for your herd.

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    Performance Milk Range

    These dairy diets are designed for very high performance herds. The diets are high starch and high protein quality available in a range of protein levels.

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    High Yield Range

    These dairy diets diets are high energy and high NDFwith the emphasis on energy from digestible fibre sources. These diet are particularly suited to low fibre high starch forages or lower intake grass silages.

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    Peak Master Range

    The Peakmaster range offers a balanced ration for a wide range of feeding systems and is available in a choice of protein levels.

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    Optiyield Dairy Range

    The Opti-Yield Dairy Range offers a cost effective range of feeds without the use of ‘filler’ raw materials and still contains the generous mineral and trace elements included in all Duffields dairy feeds.

    Available in 18% to 22% protein levels

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    Dry Cow Feeds

    Duffields recognise the importance of preparing the cow for their lactation during the dry period.

    Contact us to discuss our Dry Cow feeds which are available in handy roll form in both bags and bulk.

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    Unique Diets

    Can’t find the exact product line that you need?

    If you need a unique diet, then please contact us and we will be happy to discuss producing this for you.

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