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TESCO Feed Quality Audit Result August 9, 2023

Our Saxlingham Feed Mill was audited by TESCO this week. They regularly carry out extensive and wide ranging feed mill audits. They are checking for compliance in areas such as […]

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Calf Feeds

‘Well begun is half done’ This is as true today for the husbandry of young cattle as it has ever been. Duffields calf and youngstock feeds are specially formulated from palatable and highly digestible raw materials.This encourages early uptake of feeds by the calf. High levels of vitamins and minerals ensure good skeletal growth and rumen development.

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    Duffields Calf Milk Replacers

    Duffields have their own range of calf milk powders -QUICKSTART CALF MILK REPLACERS

    They are designed with a focus on:-
    -High Growth Rates
    -Improved Health
    -Maximum Bloom and Condition

    All powders formulated for easy mixing

    The range
    Quickstart Gold + Lifeguard
    Quickstart Cream + Lifeguard
    Quickstart Premier

    The Lifeguard System.
    Etheric Oils for improved lung function and respiratory health,Hi levels of Vitamin E, Omega 3 oils to stimulate the immune system and digestion
    Please click on link below for more details on our milk powders


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    Calf Pellets and Mixes

    Our calf feeds take the calf from birth to 12 weeks of age.

    Calf Coarse mix is a highly palatable molassed feed containing flaked maize and micronised  feeds to encourage early uptake and to stimulate early rumen development.

    Calf Quickstart pellets can be fed, as an alternative to or in conjunction with, Coarse mix.

    The product contains BIOMOS which helps stimulate the immune system and can lead to improved DLWG.

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