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TESCO Feed Quality Audit Result August 9, 2023

Our Saxlingham Feed Mill was audited by TESCO this week. They regularly carry out extensive and wide ranging feed mill audits. They are checking for compliance in areas such as […]

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Beef Cattle Feeds

The key to profitable beef production is to achieve performance levels which suit the selected system. This will be affected by the breed, sex and how intensive the system selected is.The feeding system and forage available will also determine the feeds selected. Duffields beef diets and feeding recommendations are designed to help meet the needs of these different systems.

  • Hereford Cattle

    Beef Compounds

    All the Duffield beef compound feeds can be fed to all cattle from 3 months of age.

    Duffields beef compounds are formulated to give a range of protein, energy and starch levels to ensure maximum performance on the selected system.

    All diets are fully mineralised to ensure good frame growth and maximum lean meat deposition.

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  • Hereford Cattle

    Protein Concentrates

    For farmers wishing to home mix, we have a range of protein concentrates.

    These are typically 36% protein and are added at around 15 % inclusion to cereals and other feeds. Inclusion at this level would produce a complete mix with a protein level of approximately 14.5%.

    Due to the very concentrated mineral and vitamin levels, no other minerals need to be added to the mix.

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  • Cattle Feeds

    Suckler Feeds

    A high protein, highly mineralised feed available in roll form for ground feeding.

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