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Robert Garner-Godwick Turkeys wins Field To Fork Prize September 20, 2017

Duffields turkey feed customer Robert Garner has won the Field To Fork category of the 2017 EDP Food and Drink Awards

Roberts free range turkeys are able to roam free in paddocks and are bedded on straw.They are traditionally reared to the highest welfare standards and prepared for the table for maximum quality and flavour.
Turkeys have been reared at the farm since the 1960’s and this has grown steadily to today around 6000 birds are reared on the farm at Godwick Hall Norfolk.
Roberts turkeys are supplied to the Royal Estate .
They are also supplied to local butchers and directly to the public

Re seed your grassland this Autumn for improved production from forage August 8, 2017

Re seeding older grass swards can significantly improve production from home grown forage

Did you know-
Latest industry figure confirm -new swards can produce around 22% more production of DM than an old sward
-Around 1/3 increase in energy yielded
-Up top 5x more efficient use of Nitrogen fertilizer applied

Duffields have a comprehensive range of mixtures to suit all situations whether short term silage or long term grazing and silage

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Delivery from 1 acre pack up wards!
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Lamb Feeds

New season sheep feeds from Duffields February 5, 2017

Duffields have a  superb range of sheep feeds

Duffields Ewe Feeds and Lamb Feeds are tried and tested diets designed for optimising production and feeding efficiency.

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Game feed and ruminants.An important message to customers August 26, 2016

Gamebird feed and ruminants: Advice from the VMD and APHA

The Veterinary Medicines Directorate (VMD) has been notified that there have been some concerns recently over livestock having access to game feed. As a result officials at the Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA) are trying to raise awareness of the dangers concerned.

This information, put together by the APHA, is being published in the Agency’s surveillance highlights report and it is understood that something similar is shortly to be put in the Veterinary Record surveillance report.

The VMD has asked AIC to circulate this information to alert members so that you can, in turn, inform farmers of the risks.

Gamebird feed and ruminants: Two incidents in quick succession have highlighted risks to ruminants from gamebird feed. One incident involved medicated partridge feed being fed on moorland being co-grazed by sheep; the second involved medicated pheasant feed to which beef cows and calves had access.  Unintended exposure to medicated feed is bad practice and unacceptable for many environmental and animal related reasons.  These include:-

  • Clinical disease and death due to unregulated access to grain based feed. This could potentially cause grain overload and clostridial disease.
  • Clinical disease and death due to unregulated access to feed medicated with lasalocid causing ionophore toxicity.
  • Unintended exposure of ruminants to medications in feed which were not intended to be fed to ruminants.  This requires a prolonged withdrawal period to be set and observed.
  • Exposure of ruminants to gamebird feed which contains fish protein and as such is a breach of the Animal by-Products Regulations.
  • Failure to follow guidance recommendations for the use of medicated feed including those associated with antimicrobial resistance.

The clinical signs of ionophore toxicity in ruminants include sudden death, diarrhoea, respiratory signs and recumbency, and pathological findings include focal cardiomyopathy, skeletal muscle necrosis and pulmonary oedema.

Colleagues are advised to be alert to the problem at this time of year and to actively address the potential food chain issues by preventing further access.  Information regarding what is in the feed is required.  Please report suspected incidents to APHA at an early stage.

Duffields attend Gillingham and Shaftesbury Show August 18, 2016

Duffields South West attended the Gillingham and Shaftesbury show on the 17th August on a very sunny day. We had a really busy stand and the catering staff had to work hard to keep up with the constant demand which left us with no food at the end. This show has been unlucky with wet weather during recent years so it was great for everyone involved that this year’s event was on one of the hottest days; In fact many people felt it was too hot!!!



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